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A gaze is all it takes.
And the one-sided spark flickers ablaze.
Thoughts crowd your mind, whispering ill fates.
Ignoring everyone, you stare, amazed.
Your heart beats faster with every step.
She seems familiar, though you've never met.
A gentle hand taps her on the arm.
She turns to you with a curious alarm.
An awkward moment passes, with silence flying by.
You gather up courage and simply say "Hi."
Another spark, it creates a whole flame.
Dancing like liquid, it burns all the same.
:iconjul320:jul320 17 5
All-poetry competition: Candy Stripe In Her Hair
I came home and collapsed on my bed. The days I spend with her always seems to take the energy from me.
   Earlier, as I saw her from afar, my heart sped up and slowed down all at the same time. She confuses me. Simple sentences become muddled in my tied up tongue whenever I'm around her.
   I wish she knew how I felt about her, but I was deemed a friend. I asked her out to this amusement park, but she misinterpreted. But in that moment, I could not have cared less about such problems. In that moment, there was only her; her laugh, her scent, her smile. The way she danced around the park, looking at one thing, then being fascinated by the next. The cute squeak's she let out as she grabbed onto my shirt on the roller coasters.
   The whole day just passed by me with her at the centre, and as we were eating some fairy floss, a stream of pink cloud candy entwined itself in her hair. I went to grab it, and she blushed as my hand stroked her hair
:iconjul320:jul320 2 2
Knight in shining armor
I'm looking out the window of this cold, dark tower
Days fly by, heck I don't even know the hour
But I guess i'll have to wait a little bit longer
cuz' i'm still waiting on my knight in shining armor
The clock strikes
It must be midnight
And yet from my balcony window I still stare out
Trying my best not to cry or pout
How long must I sit here waiting on you
In thought, and wondering if your intentions are true?
Every girl has her fairytale dream
Mine's "Prince charming riding up on a big, white steed"
But do fairtales really come true?
I guess that I still wonder that too
When will the prince take me away,
to somewhere, anywhere, to a better place?
Is he chivalrous, honorable, noble, and kind
Or is he selfish, greedy, and no great find?
One day i'll meet the man behind the mask
Someday...someday at last
But I guess I'll have to wait a little bit longer
cuz' i'm still waiting on my knight in shining armor.
:iconanjell4evr:ANJEll4evr 6 9
Great comfort
The river flows
Like a gentle summer breeze,
Yet i've never seen a day
Quite as cold as these,
The wind blows
Harshly through the trees,
A white blanket
Covers the ground,
As I look around
There is no comfort to be found,
It is white and damp, windy and cold,
Then the sun bursts out
And melts away the snow,
Green sprouts upon the floor
I can see animals-a boar and a doe,
Death has been replaced with life
After a long winter's sleep,
Spring is finally here
To keep away winter for nearly another year.
:iconanjell4evr:ANJEll4evr 4 8
Lady Loki by Jojoska Lady Loki :iconjojoska:Jojoska 2,735 128
Pretty Golden Girl
There once was a girl who was prettier than me.
Her hair shone like gold in the sunlight,
And her face was delicate and pure.
Whenever she was smiled,
They all sighed,
For she was their pretty golden girl.
Now, wherever she went,
They all swooned,
Unknown to just how under her spell they were.
It was said that when she laughed
The birds would sing,
And the world was a much happier place
When their pretty golden girl was pleased.
But I was never pleased, nor happy, nor joyful
To see the girl around the town.
For whenever she appeared,
Her magic made me vanish in the face of my peers.
So I took it upon myself,
To rid the world of her – and make it more fair.
With knife in hand, and blood stained clothes,
Wounded body, and a face that was pretty no more.
Their pretty golden girl – dead.
She had outshined me for far too long.
:icongeorgiakitty:GeorgiaKitty 5 9
Help me disappear ... by levifreelife Help me disappear ... :iconlevifreelife:levifreelife 205 20
The Hardest Word
I sat up late last night,
Battling with this grievous plight.
Some say words of love are arduous,
But how can those be when they are most desirous?
Some say words of hate are strenuous,
But how can those be when a relationship is poisonous?
So I sat up late last night,
Trying somehow to see the light.
No, here is what I would express without delay.
There are many words that are hard to say,
But the hardest are when someone wants to go away,
To have someone leave without duress,
And calmly wish you all the best.
Yes, to anyone that would say,
"I would hate to hear it that way."
I would simply counter,
"Try having someone smile and look you in the eye,
And calmly say goodbye.
But what's worse still...
You have to reply."
The hardest word is goodbye.
:iconxxharmoniouschaosxx:xxHarmoniousChaosxx 11 6
Red Moon by xOronar Red Moon :iconxoronar:xOronar 520 70 and the emptiness is shown..... by eamfos and the emptiness is shown..... :iconeamfos:eamfos 94 33 Star of Fate by dorolain Star of Fate :icondorolain:dorolain 47 7 Red in the Middle of Nowhere by MBHenriksen Red in the Middle of Nowhere :iconmbhenriksen:MBHenriksen 103 40
The Sketch
He loses his first kiss in autumn. He's twelve, she's just turned thirteen, and at the time he isn't sure what all the fuss is about but knows how special it is anyway.
She's gorgeous, pale-skin, brown hair, dark eyes always filled with happiness and joy the way he wishes he could be. She doesn't want to be there any more than he does, and they grouse to each other about how they don't need a 'special school.' It's the first time he's worked up the courage to say it.
She carries a book too, just like his sketchbook, but she says it's a diary. It's hung with a little lock on the front and he jokes about it being the key to her heart, a little boy's poor attempt at flirting but she laughs anyway. He wants to hear that laugh again, and he does, when he shyly asks if he can draw her.
It's half-way through his sketch that she leans in and presses her soft lips to his. It's a little clumsy and awkward, given how she's standing up and he's cross-legged on the ground, and nowhere as romantic l
:icontreo-legigeo:Treo-LeGigeo 56 28
With A Burning Passion
The best in me is brought forth by your name in mind
and such feeling brings upon a kindness so keen,
Imperfect as we may be, we may stride,
hands held and lips embraced at every stop.
The future ahead expands, clouded,
Yet illuminated by such passion.
Be it infatuation that we feel,
then be it justified by a Loving Lord.
And in case such love is to soon born,
and too swift in developing,
may it be known that the matter at hand
is that it is real and it grows
quicker than time transcends the human psyche.
O'Angels on high, I beseech you to smile upon this love,
for it is invigorated by this first love of mine,
For that which is God my master.
Beautiful in every sense is she,
my love is swiftly but surely growing,
A human heart cannot contain such a thing
as what is being molded within me.
:icongrubbswriting:GrubbsWriting 49 10



I was tagged by :   ..           ~CrushedLizardLol
1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons in the journal.
6. No tag backs.

Here's five things about me:

1. I love lazy days
2. I don't have any pets
3. I love History, English and Citizenship
4. I love all music
5. I hate marmite

CrushedLizardLol's questtions:

1: what's your favourite animal?
Black Panther

2: what's your favourite band?
You Me At Six or Young Guns

3: what colour socks are you wearing right now?

4: What is a stupid thing you've done?
A lot of stupid things, such as: swearing when not supposed to, being harsh, spending way too much money, and other things that I can't think of at the moment.

5. What style of my art do you like best?
Photography or literature

6. What is your fave tv show/film?
Criminal Mind or CSI

7. Who is your favourite muppet?
I'm not sure

8. Given the chance would you change your hair colour?

9: what are your pets called?
Don't have any pets

10: who is your best friend on dA?

11: who inspires you and why?
Little things all the time inspire me, I don't think there is any particular person or thing that inspires me.

Now that I've done mine, I tag the next eleven people that see this.

My questions for you are:

1. What is your middle name/s?
2. Have you ever been in love?
3. What is your favourite band?
4. Which is your most hated food?
5. What is your favourite word?
6. What made you go into art?
7. Have you ever been drunk?
8. If you could meet anyone, who would it be?
9. Did you watch the Olympics and Paralympics?
10. In your opinion, what is the best song in the world?
11. What is your dream pet?


YouMeAtSix1's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I am a proud Welsh lady, addicted to rugby, soppy romances and music. I love writing literature and showing my emotions in it, I'm addicted to my camera and walking on the countryside, looking at breath-taking views and I love romance,(have already said that?) which will become evident when you read my literature!

I hope you like my page and I would love any feedback you have on my art and I also hope you like my art. :) But I hope you understand when I say that you can't use any of my art without my express permission.

I have quite a few favourite bands ( apart from You Me At Six! :) ) which are shown below:

You Me At Six, All Time Low, Framing Hanley, The Goo-Goo Dolls, The
Veronicas, Panic! At the Disco, Snow Patrol, The Buzzcocks, Sigur Ros, The Maine, The All-American Rejects, Slash, Halestorm, Metallica, The Blackout, My Passion, Hellogoodbye, Pink, Mayday Parade, Kings Of Leon, Ludovico Einaudi, Avril Lavinge, Yashin, We Are The Ocean,Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Not Advised, The Summer Set, Mallory Knox, Deaf Havana, Cute Is What We Aim For, Go Radio, A Day To Remember, Anarbor, Forever The Sickest Kids, Go: Audio, We Are The In Crowd, Yellowcard, Hey Monday, Four Year Strong, The Cab, Twin Atlantic, Boys Like Girls, Jet, Nickleback, Foo Fighters, Kids In Glass Houses, 30 Seconds To Mars, Blink- 182, A Rocket To The Moon, There For Tomorrow, A Bullet For My Valentine and Young Guns


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